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The Best Home Warranty for Texas

If you’re new to Texas – welcome! If you’re just moving to a new location in the Lone Star state, then you know Texas is special. It’s a big state, with every type of geography and climate imaginable. From the piney woods in East Texas, to the mountains in West Texas, our environment is like no other. With hundreds of miles of coast along the Gulf of Mexico to the rolling vistas of the Panhandle, we experience every possible type of climate. Every home in Texas is different. That’s why you need a home warranty from a company that knows how to protect your valuable home in its unique setting.

As a home owner in Texas, you can enjoy all that our state has to offer. Whether you enjoy the Gulf Coast and Houston’s tropical climate, the Hill Country of San Antonio or Austin, or the Northern Plains of Dallas, each area has unique considerations to maintaining your home. Keeping your family comfortable and your home systems in peak operating condition is key.

Rely on a company that truly understands your needs and can protect you when it matters most. From freezing temperatures one day to an uncomfortable heat wave the next, flooding rains or a damaging tornado, residents in Texas deserve a home warranty policy from the right company. We’re here to support you with the best Home Warranties in Texas.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

Coverage depends on the specific home warranty plan you choose, but items eligible for coverage include:

At Simplicity, our customizable plans are designed for each individual home. Incorporate add-ons for a home warranty plan that's unique to you.

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With a Simplicity Protection Plan, you can rest assured that you have a home warranty that meets your specific needs, for your special home, in your unique part of Texas. For more than 45 years, we’ve been protecting our customers with one goal: putting them first with coverage they can rely on. Dependable coverage. Hassle-free claims. Award-winning service.

Simply Put, You’re Protected® with Simplicity Home Protection.

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Your Home Warranty Questions Answered

Q: What is a home warranty?

A home warranty covers the repair or replacement of the systems and appliances in your home. As the cost to repair and replace these items continue to rise, it’s important to protect your home and your finances with a home warranty protection plan that can keep your home running smoothly without a lot of hassle.

Q: Does a home warranty cover plumbing?

Yes! While each coverage plan is unique, a home warranty typically provides for the repair or replacement of a home’s major systems including plumbing , HVAC, and electrical systems. In addition, a home warranty may also cover major appliances, such as washers, refrigerators, and ovens. Be sure to check the specific policy language of the plan you are considering to ensure you are protected based on your home’s specific needs.

Q: What is a home buyer’s warranty?

As the buyer of your home, a home buyer’s warranty protects you, your home, and your finances from costly repairs. This is very different than a builder’s warranty, provided at the time of a home build by the home builder.

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