Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Simplicity Protection?

We are a nationally-award winning company that is passionate about protecting consumers like you. In fact, our parent company, EFG Companies, has been around for more than 45 years. We come to work every day with one goal: putting the customer first and getting them back to their life at home or on the road.


How is Simplicity Protection different?

Let’s face it - a lot of home warranties are the same. Everyone has different plans to choose from, different ways to pay, and relatively similar coverage. What makes us different is how you will be treated if you ever have a claim. We can promise a quick and friendly claims experience, professional technicians who show up on time, and reliable service. Check out our competitors and their consumer reviews – does it sound like they put the customer first?  We have – for more than 45 years.


How does a Simplicity Protection Home Warranty work?

It’s pretty simple, actually. If a failure occurs to a home appliance or system, homeowners contact our award-winning customer service team to request service. Then, a trusted technician from our nationwide network of service providers is sent to your front door. Our technicians are local, expert service professionals who are licensed and insured. Then, if the diagnosis indicates that the repair is covered under the terms of the home warranty, then covered service repairs are performed. Sometimes a replacement may be recommended by our service professional, or a new part may need to be ordered. If that happens, there are no additional service fees for additional visits.


Who needs a home warranty plan?

In our dream world, every homeowner would have a home warranty because whatever your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover is on your dime! But we get it, it might not be for everyone.  
Buying a home warranty is a personal decision. Many of our customers want to protect or cushion their personal budgets, as not everyone can afford a $4,000 emergency appliance repair at the drop of a hat!  
Some of our customers purchase a home warranty because they aren’t handy around the house, or don’t have the time to search for and vet a service professional.  
Our hope is that you review our contract, compare our pricing and customer satisfaction with our competitors and decide to buy a Simplicity Protection Home Warranty.


How does a home warranty benefit a home seller?

Did you know a home warranty can be transferred to your buyer? Imagine giving the new homeowner the assurance that if a home system or appliance needs repair, they are covered. What a differentiator for you!


Will I need an inspection?

That’s an easy one – no, no inspection is required to be covered by a Simplicity Protection Home Warranty.


Where can I view a sample contract?

Just click here and let us know if you have any questions, our team is here to help!


How much do Simplicity Home Warranties cost?

For our plans, that depends on only three things: the age and size of your home, and the plan you choose.  That’s it!  You can also review our add-on coverage options if you’d like to customize your coverage further. You can see all our transparent pricing here.


When does coverage begin?

 There is a standard waiting period of 30 days, and then if you have an issue come up on a covered appliance or home system, you can file a claim.


Does this home warranty cover maintenance?

While home maintenance is not part of our home warranty, we are passionate about helping our customers through easy-to-follow maintenance tips and education through our blog, The Simple Home.


What if my appliances are old?

It doesn’t matter how old your systems and appliances are. As long as they are in good working condition and properly maintained, they are covered. Click here to view a complete list of the limits of liability and exclusions in our contract.


What is the difference between home insurance and a home warranty?

A home warranty plan covers repair and services costs as well as replacement costs for home systems and appliances like refrigerators, HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, and the like if the item suffers a mechanical failure (up to the stated limits in the contract). . Homeowners' insurance only covers damage or loss due to misfortune such as damaging storms, fire, vandalism, or theft.  


Are home warranties worth buying?

The decision to purchase a home warranty is a personal decision for each buyer, of course. If you have enough savings to cover the replacement or repair of home systems or appliances, then you may not need one. The difference is the amount of money you have readily available for repairs and if you feel you can negotiate a fair rate for yourself with service providers and vendors. Would you rather pay a small out-of-pocket service fee if you have a covered repair or several hundred/thousand dollars or more to cover home repairs?




What does a home warranty cover?

We can’t speak for other home warranty companies, but Simplicity Home Protection Plans include repair or replacement for most major home mechanical systems and appliances.

We have three levels of protection.

Our Essential plan covers a wide range of mission-critical systems responsible for the smooth functioning of your home.

Our Standard plan covers everything in the Essential plan plus major home appliances that you use every day.

And our Premium plan is our most comprehensive coverage – everything in the Essential and Standard plans plus other household items like second AC and heating units, second refrigerators, garage door openers, and more. You can even add on pool and spa coverage to the Standard and Premium plans. 


Will my home warranty cover pre-existing conditions?

Mechanical failures are not covered if due to defects or malfunctions that existed prior to the start date of your contract, lack of routine care and maintenance, misuse, and conditions caused by rust or corrosion. It also depends on your contract and the state you live in, so be sure to check the details of your service contract.


How do I request service?

Safety first!

First, discontinue the use of the system or appliance to prevent further damage. Then contact our friendly customer service team at 844-548-2817.  If your repair is covered, we will get a claim started for you, collect your service fee, and dispatch a repair person to your home as quickly as possible.


How does simplicity choose its repair professionals?

Good news for you, we are very picky about who we include in our repair network and only work with the highest quality of repair professionals in your area. You can rest assured that we track and measure the quality performance of their work. As a matter of fact, if you have a claim with us, you will be asked to rate your experience with our repair professional – your opinion means a lot to us. All professionals are licensed and insured, and vetted by us before they ever visit a customer’s home.  Just look at our consumer reviews!


Can I use my own handyman for repairs and be reimbursed?

One of the best advantages of having a home warranty with us is knowing that Simplicity Protection has vetted and takes responsibility for the repairs performed in your home by our network of providers. If your repair is an emergency and needs to be completed without our prior authorization, outside of our business hours, your chosen repair professional must be licensed, bonded, and insured. They must provide a diagnosis and itemized bid to Simplicity Protection before beginning any work. Then, you are responsible for paying their fees. Once complete, send the invoice to Simplicity Protection for reimbursement, less any applicable Service Call Fee or costs not covered by your home warranty. 

Please see your home warranty contract for details regarding emergency repairs and reimbursements.


What is the service call fee?

This is the fee that you pay for each service call, or actual cost of service (whichever is less) paid directly to us upon request of the service. It is non-refundable once the service provider has been on site to diagnose the problem. 


Is there a limit to the number of service visits I can request?

No. You are responsible for the Service Call Fee for each service request. Check your specific plan in your contract for the coverage limits on each covered item.